Campaign kit – Victorian State Election 2018

Now is the time for you to be an influencer of change - Vote YES for education and care this election!

Influencing change doesn’t have to be a big task – there are many simple ways in which your voice can count – and how you can influence others.

Only have 15 minutes?

  • Follow us on Facebook @CommunityChildCareAssoc Twitter @CCC_Vic and our website to keep up with the latest policy developments
  • Share our posts on your workplace social media – don’t forget to hashtag! #ozearlyed #ecec #VicVotes #springst #auspol
  • Print out our campaign poster and display it in a prominent place in your service or community
  • Have a conversation with your team, incidentally or in a staff meeting, about how they can vote for education and care this election. Get them involved in all these things too
  • Send a letter to your local candidates and MPs with the below election demands (sample letter and instructions below)
  • Vote for education and care at the ballot box (our scorecard will help you out). Which party best demonstrates its willingness to invest in the future of our sector?

Have a little longer?

  • Invite local candidates to visit your service so they can see how important quality education and care is to families in your area (check out our Roundtable member magazine for a rundown of how easy this is to do).

Sample letter instructions

We have drafted a sample letter that you can add your details in and send, or you are welcome to create your own.

If you are using our template follow these steps – it won’t take long at all.

  • If you have letterhead, copy and paste the letter onto it, otherwise complete your name and address.
  • Insert the date
  • Politician details (Find your electorate here)
  • Insert politician’s name Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Surname
  • You are welcome to focus on the area in which you work (Centre Based Care/OSHC) or you can include all the call to parties in your letter.
  • In the final paragraph insert your role and service name if appropriate)
  • Sign letter and add you name

Check out here what the Hon Jenny Mikakos (ALP), the Hon Georgie Crozier (Liberals) and Spokesperson for The Greens, Nina Springle had to say at the Joint Policy Debate. The Vic Education and Care Policy Debate was hosted by CCC, ELAA and ECA Vic in Preston, 11 October 2018. 


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