Federal Election 2016

In the countdown to the federal election on 2 July 2016, Community Child Care Association is calling on our members and friends to be informed about the issues for children and families. 

Community Child Care Association has grave concerns about the equity of the Jobs for Families package which the Australian Government had before the Senate when the election was called. As the Victorian Branch of Australian Community Children’s Services (ACCS), and as the state peak body for community owned and not for profit education and care services in Victoria,  we see this election as an opportunity to say 'No' to policy called Jobs for Families and 'Yes' to policies centred on Early Childhood Education and Care!

If you think all children deserve access to quality community owned not for profit education and care, be informed and make your vote count!

Australian Community Children’s Services (ACCS) Federal Election Platform

As the peak body advocating nationally for the right of Australia’s children to access quality, not for profit, community children’s services, ACCS is advocating for:


1. Increase the fee subsidy to 90 per cent of the full costs of early childhood education and care (ECEC) for low income families and 100 per cent of the full costs for children who are experiencing vulnerability or are at risk

2. All children, including those of non-working parents, are eligible for subsidised ECEC for at least 2 days per week – from a minimum of 18 hours up to 24 hours per week reflecting the operating hours of the service

3. Build a skilled and professional early childhood workforce – no HECS, free TAFE

4. No children and their families in detention in Australia or off-shore


ACCS also advocates for:

- Maintenance of the current Priority of Access criteria to ensure access for families experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage

- Continuation of the full implementation of National Quality Framework

- Investment in flexible services (mobiles, occasional care, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services); investment in planning for early and middle years services

- Government paid parental leave


For more detailed commentary on ACCS election platform click here


Click here to see how ACCS thinks the major parties stack up against the ACCS' policy platform.

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