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CCC responds to Herald Sun

Wed, 12/21/2022 - 11:36

On Wednesday 21 December 2022, the Herald Sun published an article that discussed the celebration of Christmas and holidays in education and care settings. 

To say we are disappointed by the headline and introduction of this article is an understatement. 

The sentiment of our original piece, which you can see below, was to encourage educators to support and celebrate the diversity within their services not only during the holidays but all year round. At no point did our team discourage Christmas celebrations or suggest their removal. 

The sensational angle taken by Herald Sun editors in this piece completely contradicts our efforts to strive for inclusion, and support all children no matter their background in education and care settings. 

The key points we originally emphasised were:

  • Evaluate whether your events are inclusive of all family types
  • Regularly communicate with families to better understand their needs
  • Communicate using inclusive language and processes
  • Ensure paperwork reflects the modern families we see in our services
  • Provide representative resources

We encourage you to read the original article below, and continue to have conversations with families to ensure all within your community feel included and supported, however you choose to celebrate.

Read our article on ways to include diverse families.