Why chose community owned not for profit?

Families and the community can often be uncertain of the difference between commercial (for-profit) and community owned (not-for-profit) education and care services. Community owned education and care services are “owned” by parent committees, community groups or not-for-profit organisations, rather than by individuals. They are operated as social enterprises, delivering high quality, and with the purpose of delivering public infrastructure for the long term.  They are run on a not for profit, break-even basis by voluntary parent and community committees of management, local government, church groups or tertiary institutions. Any operating surplus is directed back to the service. There are no owners, directors or shareholders requiring a financial return on an investment. These services foster children’s development, support their families and build the community.

CCC believes that community ownership and community owned services are fundamental to the development of a civil society and the maintenance of the highest quality, community shaped care.

Community Owned Means Community Grows - Choose Community Owned!

What makes community owned education and care services unique and of high quality?

Community owned services are unique because:

Families influence decision making

  • Families have input into decisions and policies that affect the care and education of their children
  • Families influence the financial management decisions to ensure that all resources are used to maintain quality

The community is involved

  • All families from the community have access to the service
  • Decision making and control is exercised by community members (parents/families)
  • Families facing difficulties have direct access to other services in the community
  • Opportunities are provided for informal and formal links with the community
  • Because the management is drawn from the community, local issues are understood and can be responded to, making use of local resources.

When looking for an education and care service - Choose Community Owned!

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