Preschool children sitting at desks
Following a joint announcement from the Andrews government of Victoria and Perrottet government of New South Wales, that will see $14.8 billion overhaul of the preschool education sector, CCC's…
Child and adult playing with a large floor puzzle on hardwood floor
Peak bodies from across the country, including CCC, have praised the New South Wales government for their record investment into the education and care sector. The funding will see ground-breaking…
Australia's coat of arms on Parliament house.
Following comments made by Australian Greens Senator, Mehreen Faruqi, who expressed that the Federal government is being left behind by state leaders, CCC spoke to Education HQ. 
A family of four are in a park. Each of the parents is giving one child a piggy back.
Following a joint announcement from the Andrews government of Victoria and Perrottet government of New South Wales, the two states are set to see a $14.8 billion overhaul of the preschool education…
Julie Price and Linda Davison cut 50th birthday cake.
After a year of delays thanks to COVID-19, CCC celebrated our 50th anniversary last month and launched our advocacy roadmap for the future of education and care.
Woman sick in bed, blowing her nose, surrounded by tissues. Holding a hot drink in a mug.
With the rise in flu cases, common colds, and COVID-19 heading into Winter, CCC's Executive Director Julie Price spoke to The Sector about the effects of sickness and burnout on the education and…
Mounted microphone with studio in the background
CCC Services Manager, Daniela Kavoukas, joined ABC Radio National to discuss the staff shortages putting the education and care sector under pressure.
Man sick, sitting in bed, talking on the phone and holding a thermometer
CCC Executive Director, Julie Price, spoke to The Age about staff shortages and the lack of support for the education and care sector.
Parliament house, Australia
In the response to Anthony Albanese's historic election win, CCC Executive Director, Julie Price spoke to The Sector about what a Labor government might mean for education and care.
Photo of a post it note that reads "staff wanted (urgently)"
Julie Price, CCC's Executive Director, spoke to The Sector about rising job vacancies in education and care.
Woman with head in hands
Executive Director, Julie Price, jumped on Studio 10 to discuss the staffing crisis faced by our sector.
educator and child sitting on floor playing with blocks
CCC's Executive Director, Julie Price, joined The Project to discuss staff shortages, wages and the ongoing need for high-quality education and care.