Julie Price and Linda Davison cut 50th birthday cake.

The Sector — 7 June 2022

Tue, 06/07/2022 - 11:42

CCC celebrates 50 years of advocacy in education and care

After a year of delays thanks to COVID-19, CCC celebrated our 50th anniversary last month and launched our advocacy roadmap for the future of education and care.

CCC Chairperson, Linda Davison, told The Sector “Tonight we recognize and celebrate 50 years of advocacy and innovation at Community Child Care Association. From our founding mothers, to the educators and advocates of today, we acknowledge the monumental impact CCC has had in shaping the community-run education and care sector across Australia.”

CCC Executive Director, Julie Price, shared “It’s been wonderful to see so many people from across our 50-year history come together to celebrate all that CCC has achieved in shaping the community-owned and not-for-profit sector. The passion from our people continues to drive us to create lasting change and better outcomes for children.”

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