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481 educators rush to complete CISS training

Mon, 09/26/2022 - 12:39

Earlier in the month, 481 educators joined Community Child Care Association (CCC) and the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) to complete certified training on the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS).

The session, presented by program experts Elizabeth Carmody and Stef Tipping, saw Education Leaders learn about CISS, how it impacts their environment and understand their new responsibilities under the Scheme.

CISS enables information sharing between authorised organisations, many of whom already work together to request or record information.

The Scheme has recently expanded legal permissions for education and care professionals to share information with others. This ensures that people working with children can gain a complete view of the children they work with, making it easier to identify wellbeing or safety needs earlier and to act on them sooner, preventing escalation.
The September webinar and Education Leaders training session for educators was such a great success, another has been planned for October, this time focused on Education Professionals

Julie Price, Executive Director, CCC says that the response to the first webinar was “overwhelmingly positive”.

“I encourage all Victorian educators, regardless of their position, to register now for the Education Professionals CISS training on Tuesday 4 October.

“The content will cover the importance of CISS, an explanation of the reforms, and will outline resources that help ensure that their service is ready to implement information sharing helping to keep children safe,” she said.

“Educators can face challenges when key information is missing or not shared when it comes to identifying at-risk children.”

Places are limited and spots are filling fast. Register now for the Child Information Sharing Scheme: Education Professionals training webinar, 11am-2pm, Tuesday 4 October. To learn more about CISS and explore training options, visit