Julie Price and Linda Davison cut 50th birthday cake.

Education and care peak body celebrates 50th birthday

Mon, 06/06/2022 - 09:02

After a year of delays thanks to COVID-19, peak body for education and care, Community Child Care Association (CCC), celebrated their 50th anniversary last month.
Founded in 1971, Community Child Care Association was established when a small group of women set up the country’s first community-owned child care services. 
Their long history has shaped the education and care sector we know and love today. 

In the 1980s, CCC assisted in establishing national peak bodies Australian Community Children’s Services (ACCS) and later, the National Outside School Hours Services Alliance (NOSHSA). The 1990s then saw CCC advocating for a robust quality system and supporting the establishment of the National Childcare Accreditation Council in 1993.

The 2000s were also busy years with CCC being the Professional Support Provider from 2006 and advocating for the National Partnership Agreements on Universal Access and Quality systems. During this time, CCC also supported the implementation of the National Quality Framework.
The 2010s saw CCC warning governments and politicians against the dangers of the corporatisation of our sector and eventually, the corporate giant ABC collapsed and was passed into community ownership. 

More recently, CCC has advocated for and supported state-wide access to Three-Year-Old Kindergarten in Victoria, as well as led the Victorian Inclusion Agency, which provides life-changing support for thousands of children across the state.

Three of CCC’s founding mothers were in attendance; Winsome McCaughey AO, Yoland Wadsworth and Mary Featherston AM. 

CCC Chairperson, Linda Davison, said “Tonight we recognize and celebrate 50 years of advocacy and innovation at Community Child Care Association. From our founding mothers, to the educators and advocates of today, we acknowledge the monumental impact CCC has had in shaping the community-run education and care sector across Australia.”

“Thanks to the passion, foresight and sheer hard work of so many committed individuals, community-run and not-for-profit services deliver outstanding outcomes for thousands of children and their families today.”

CCC Executive Director, Julie Price, shared “It’s been wonderful to see so many people from across our 50-year history come together to celebrate all that CCC has achieved in shaping the community-owned and not-for-profit sector. The passion from our people continues to drive us to create lasting change and better outcomes for children.”

From there, the focus shifted to the future and CCC presented an advocacy roadmap with aspirations for the sector including a commitment to improving access and quality, supporting the workforce and the sustainability of not-for-profit services.

Julie Price said “Tonight, we launched our 10-year advocacy roadmap outlining our vision for the future of the sector. There’s a lot of work ahead, but we believe that our plan sets out clear goals to work towards to ensure we build a sector that is supported to deliver the best possible education and care for all children.”

View the advocacy roadmap or contact CCC on 03 9486 3455.