Efficient management training for committees

As part of your new Committee/Board orientation process why not book an Efficient Management training session with a Professional Support consultant from CCC?

CCC has a team of qualified and experienced professional learning facilitators working with Children’s Education and Care Services on a daily basis. Our level of experience and professional qualifications enable us to facilitate learning in an effective and timely way.

A big thank you for coming to MCFC and giving such a thorough presentation about managing a child care co-op. It's nice to know you're on the end of the phone, too, should we need advice.”

- Clare, Monash Community Family Cooperative


Upon engaging CCC to deliver Efficient Management training, you will have face to face access to a professional support consultant who can establish an ongoing relationship with you and your management team to support your capacity to develop and maintain an effective and efficient education and care service.


Clarifying the role of a management team 

Learning with CCC can help management teams to focus on the big picture rather than get caught up in the small issues of the day. This includes understanding the management team’s key functions, responsibilities as an Employer, relationships and accountability, and an understanding of the powers and benefits of sub-committee delegations.

Relationship and responsibilities of a management committee (Service governance) 

Learning with CCC can help management teams understand that governance focuses on the organisations big picture rather than the details of its operation, emphasising that neither individual members, nor the whole committee/board, should be participating in the day-to-day operations of the organisation. Learning with CCC supports the management team in establishing the service’s purpose, strategic goals and policies within which the service operates, including how the management structure works.


“Over the years CCC has run several Efficient Management information sessions for our committee members which have really helped them to understand more about their role.”

Natasha, Eltham Child Care Cooperative


Legal and ethical considerations 

Management team members are often worried that they could be held personally liable for anything that goes wrong at a service, and this may influence the decision to join a management team. Learning with CCC can help explain the legal obligations of management committees, how to reduce liability and which State and Federal legislation apply that management teams need to be aware of. 


Call and speak to one of our consultant to determine if an Efficient Management workshop is right for you.

Ph 03 9486 3455 or email reception@cccinc.org.au

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