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CCC has been a voice for early childhood education and care since 1971. We bring members’ needs and concerns to government and key decision-makers, to influence policy change – like equal pay for educators and continued funding for the National Quality Framework.

‘We love that CCC acts as a spokesperson for many organisations and takes our issues and challenges to the right platforms’ – Kensington Community Children’s Cooperative, Exceeding-rated service and CCC member

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What we’re fighting for

No matter where they live or what their background is, every Australian child has the right to have their learning, health and wellbeing needs met.

Evidence, experience and common sense tell us that quality early learning makes a tangible and positive difference in a child’s life – boosting their physical, mental and social development, now and into the future. The flow-on effect is that it enables parents to work and participate in their communities, support older relatives and take care of their own needs.

Yet our early education and care sector is at a crossroads.

As a wealthy country with considerable advantages, well-established infrastructure and world-class resources, our Australian sector lags.

While there is general agreement about the direction we need to take, we still don’t have a systemic response to support the best outcomes for the children, families and communities who trust in our care.

To meet the needs of all children – no matter their postcode – our youngest Australians should be provided with free, high-quality, not-for-profit early childhood and outside school hours care (OSHC). This will create a healthier society, today and tomorrow.

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Our advocacy work

We’re very proud of our history championing and defending community and not-for-profit children’s services. These community-based services are designed to bring families and neighbourhoods together, and help to create a fairer, healthier society.

Today, we fight for policy change to ensure all Australian children can enjoy the positive benefits that quality early learning brings. We lobby government and decision-makers on issues like better funding for education and care services, equal pay for educators, universal access to three-year-old-kindergarten and continued funding for the National Quality Framework. You can check out our media releases to explore examples of our recent early childhood advocacy.

We are also the Victorian branch of the National Outside Schools Hours Services Alliance (NOSHSA), presenting a united voice on the advocacy issues that matter to OSHC at a national level.

We are a voice in your corner