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Three educators enjoying a conversation, one is holding a folder

Question: What's the best way to get a new team connected quickly?

Answer: By creating a sense of belonging.

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick for connecting a new team. Reflect on how you can best support…

An educator and school-aged children using coloured pencils together at a table.

Question: Is it OK to employ someone with limited experience?

Answer: Yes.

Many services are experiencing challenges in recruiting and retaining experienced staff. So, is it OK…

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Question: We got our A&R notice this week. What can I expect as an educator?

Answer: Think of it as an opportunity to showcase your service programs and practice.

Assessment and rating (A&R) can be an exciting opportunity to showcase your service. An authorised officer (AO)…

Educators with notepads sitting around a table having a conversation

Question: I’m finding it hard to engage some educators in the programming and planning cycle, especially those who work part-time or casually. Any tips?

Answer: Involve all educators from the start, and support, assist and mentor them along the way.

Follow these tips to help get everyone engaged:

1. Foster a sense of belonging. 

Ask all…

Children hugging happy educator at a table in a classroom setting

Question: In light of the new Child Safe Standards, is showing physical affection towards children still appropriate in services?

Answer: Physical affection is appropriate when children are empowered to communicate their consent.

The Child Safe Standards have been designed to improve and maintain the safety of children in our…

Educator helping a child put on a super hero mask

Question: Is superhero play really OK? Sometimes it can be rough and the costumes can cause problems with toileting and overheating.

Answer: Yes, let’s support superhero play!

If we place children at the centre of our practice and focus on their individual interests, but then tell…

A child drawing with coloured pencils

Question: Is it worthwhile continuing with time-intensive documentation like portfolios next year?

Answer: It’s up to your team to reflect on whether portfolios are the best documentation method for your service.

There is no one way to document children’s learning. As educators, we should be using a range of…

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Question: I’m an educator confused about unpaid overtime. What is legal and what can my employer reasonably expect?

Answer: Check the award or agreement which applies in your workplace to find the circumstances which attract overtime rates of pay (or time in lieu).

Overtime is additional time worked after ordinary hours. For example, if your ordinary hours are 38…