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Educator and school aged children planting and digging in a garden bed

Question: As a single-educator OSHC coordinator with limited time and a small group of children, how can I keep programs vibrant and responsive with fewer children’s interests to springboard from, and no immediate colleagues to bounce ideas off?

Answer: Listen to families, lean on your peers, and utilise existing resources.

Firstly, you need to be a keen observer. Listen out for cues when children or families are talking …

Two educators walking down a hallway in conversation

Question: What happens if I disagree with an Authorised Officer during Assessment and Rating? Is it a bad idea to politely question them on the spot?

Answer: Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.

The Authorised Officer (AO) isn’t at the service to provide their own viewpoint or opinion about…

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Question: I keep hearing about how there aren’t enough educators and teachers. What can we do to stop this affecting our children’s service?

Answer: Whilst there isn’t a magic fix-all, there are some steps you can take to keep your workforce strong.

  1. Think ahead and get planning.
    When we get stuck in a reactive space trying to quickly…

Three educators enjoying a conversation, one is holding a folder

Question: What's the best way to get a new team connected quickly?

Answer: By creating a sense of belonging.

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick for connecting a new team. Reflect on how you can best support…

An educator and school-aged children using coloured pencils together at a table.

Question: Is it OK to employ someone with limited experience?

Answer: Yes.

Many services are experiencing challenges in recruiting and retaining experienced staff. So, is it OK…

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Question: We got our A&R notice this week. What can I expect as an educator?

Answer: Think of it as an opportunity to showcase your service programs and practice.

Assessment and rating (A&R) can be an exciting opportunity to showcase your service. An authorised officer (AO)…

Educators with notepads sitting around a table having a conversation

Question: I’m finding it hard to engage some educators in the programming and planning cycle, especially those who work part-time or casually. Any tips?

Answer: Involve all educators from the start, and support, assist and mentor them along the way.

Follow these tips to help get everyone engaged:

1. Foster a sense of belonging. 

Ask all…

Children hugging happy educator at a table in a classroom setting

Question: In light of the new Child Safe Standards, is showing physical affection towards children still appropriate in services?

Answer: Physical affection is appropriate when children are empowered to communicate their consent.

The Child Safe Standards have been designed to improve and maintain the safety of children in our…