Advocacy roadmap

Advocacy roadmap

2022–2032 roadmap for education and care: Every child and community, thriving

We have helped to shape education and care in this country for many millions of children, their families and communities.

CCC believes in an Australia where every child can enjoy the proven benefits of education and care. Achieving this requires a planned approach to our advocacy, with the support and endorsement of stakeholders and the best interests of children at heart and in action.

Our ten-year roadmap articulates our vision for Australia’s education and care system, and how we intend to bring this to fruition. It will form the basis of a collaborative effort, led by CCC, to pursue common sector goals.

Theoretical underpinnings

Our 2022–2032 roadmap for education and care strives for every child in every community to reach their full potential within 10 years. By 2032, we hope to see that all Australian children can access high-quality education and care services regardless of where they live.

Our roadmap’s aspirations, actions and methods of measuring success for a brighter future are rooted in theory and evidence. In this theoretical underpinnings paper, we explore the research supporting our four advocacy signposts.