Coat hooks for children's belongings with the child's image used to identify their hook

Submission: ACCC Childcare Inquiry – September interim report

CCC and CELA welcome the draft findings and recommendations of the ACCC September interim report as part of the 2023 Childcare Inquiry.

The findings reflect what services, employees and advocates within the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector have understood and experienced.

Education and care are essential services, which over one million households rely on to support their ability to work, as well as the development and wellbeing of their children. Yet, access to these essential services is not equitable. Families who earn the least are paying the highest out of pocket costs and those in low income and rural areas simply do not have access to the services they need.

CCC and CELA support the findings that show Australia’s education and care system has not worked to contain out of pocket fees for parents, contain growing costs for government, or ensure delivery of services in all areas where needed.

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