Child climbing on rope equipment

Submission: Draft National Care and Support Economy Strategy 2023

As a peak body for community-managed education and care services, CCC appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback on the Care and Support Sector Draft National Strategy.

We recognise the importance of a cross-sector approach to achieving the objective of the National Strategy to 'deliver high-quality essential services to some of Australia’s most vulnerable people'.

Broadly, we support the three high-level goals included in the draft National Strategy to deliver a sustainable and productive care and support economy that delivers quality care and support with decent jobs. These high-level goals reflect the value of the care and support sector to the community, and when realised will ensure it remains viable into the future.

While the National Strategy’s focus on the care and support sectors of aged care, veterans care, disability support and early childhood education and care (ECEC) share some similarities, especially in relation to current and future workforce needs, it is important that the National Strategy also reflects their uniqueness. ECEC is a broad and diverse sector, delivering care, education, early intervention and recreation across multiple service types from birth and across school age.

CCC's submission to the draft strategy identifies the ways in which the ECEC sector varies in nature from the other focus sectors, to assist with the further development of appropriate action and implementation plans resulting from this National Strategy.

Investing in a healthy and sustainable ECEC sector is an investment in our current and future prosperity as a nation.