Educators with notepads sitting around a table having a conversation

Question: I’m finding it hard to engage some educators in the programming and planning cycle, especially those who work part-time or casually. Any tips?

Answer: Involve all educators from the start, and support, assist and mentor them along the way.

A child drawing with coloured pencils

Question: Is it worthwhile continuing with time-intensive documentation like portfolios next year?

Answer: It’s up to your team to reflect on whether portfolios are the best documentation method for your service.

Young child concentrating on painting with poster paint

Question: How often should we document children’s learning? How much is an acceptable amount?

Answer: Adjust your mindset. Quality is best

Joyful child with head titled to the sky with eyes closed

Question: How do I highlight children’s voices authentically in my documentation?

Answer: Talk with and observe the children