Educator sitting on a child's chair, resting their chin in one hand and looking off in the distance

Question: I keep hearing about how there aren’t enough educators and teachers. What can we do to stop this affecting our children’s service?

Answer: Whilst there isn’t a magic fix-all, there are some steps you can take to keep your workforce strong.

Three educators enjoying a conversation, one is holding a folder

Question: What's the best way to get a new team connected quickly?

Answer: By creating a sense of belonging.

A child drawing with coloured pencils

Question: Is it worthwhile continuing with time-intensive documentation like portfolios next year?

Answer: It’s up to your team to reflect on whether portfolios are the best documentation method for your service.

School age children playimg a game outside

Question: Children in my room don’t want to play together because they are different genders. What can we do to encourage mixed-gender play?

Answer: Reflect on your own attitudes and thoughts around gender roles and inclusive play.

Young child concentrating on painting with poster paint

Question: How often should we document children’s learning? How much is an acceptable amount?

Answer: Adjust your mindset. Quality is best

Joyful child with head titled to the sky with eyes closed

Question: How do I highlight children’s voices authentically in my documentation?

Answer: Talk with and observe the children