Three educators enjoying a conversation, one is holding a folder

Question: What's the best way to get a new team connected quickly?

Answer: By creating a sense of belonging.

A child drawing with coloured pencils

Question: Is it worthwhile continuing with time-intensive documentation like portfolios next year?

Answer: It’s up to your team to reflect on whether portfolios are the best documentation method for your service.

Despondent looking educator at a desk flipping through a book

Question: I’m an educator confused about unpaid overtime. What is legal and what can my employer reasonably expect?

Answer: Check the award or agreement which applies in your workplace to find the circumstances which attract overtime rates of pay (or time in lieu).

An educational leader sharing instructions with an educator

Question: How do educational leaders fulfil our weekly and monthly duties while we are having to spend so much time working with children?

Answer: Allocating set non-contact time is crucial for educational leaders.

A child's bare feet standing on the top of an adult's bare feet

Question: Should educators go shoe-free in our babies room?

Answer: Explore the idea with your team

iStock - Boy in reflective jacket

Question: Should children wear high-vis vests on excursions?

Answer: It depends on your ‘why’