How can I find educators to recruit?

Question: How can I find educators to recruit?

There are a range of both free and paid ways to search for educators.

As a starting point, here are some free ways to find new recruits and some paid options also.

Free ways to find new recruits:

  • Spread the word amongst friends, family and your service community that you’re looking to hire
  • Create a job ad on social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn (remember to link to a clear position description)
  • Post on a university, TAFE or community job board
  • Put up posters outside your service, or at local shops, libraries and other community spaces
  • Contact local government about advertising through their education and care networks
  • Advertise of the Victorian Government Early Childhood Jobs page
  • Search on a relevant website like Workforce Australia
  • Ask local schools if you can advertise in their newsletter

Paid ways to find new recruits:

  • Use popular online job ad platforms such as SEEK and Ethical jobs
  • Take out an ad in local newspapers and magazines.

Lucy Harberts
Consultant, Community Child Care Association

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