Is it OK to employ someone with limited experience?

Question: Is it OK to employ someone with limited experience?


Many services are experiencing challenges in recruiting and retaining experienced staff. So, is it OK to employ someone with not much experience? In short, yes. (However, you must ensure all staff meet the regulatory qualification requirements for their role – or be actively working towards it – and are over eighteen years old.) 

You should carefully consider how you will support new staff within your service. In addition to a thorough induction process, you might consider providing a mentoring program with a more experienced educator.

You might also consider the needs and dynamics of the children the new team member will be placed with. For example, infants have high needs and can be a challenging age to plan for with limited experience.

Carefully plan how you might offer support in the short term while skills are being developed. Consult with the new team member about professional learning opportunities.

Overall, limited experience shouldn’t be a barrier to adding a new member to your team. The most important things to consider are their willingness to learn and grow in their role and their capacity to safely engage and supervise children.

Caitlin Mason
Consultant, Community Child Care Association

An educator and school-aged children using coloured pencils together at a table.