What's the best way to get a new team connected quickly?

Question: What's the best way to get a new team connected quickly?

By creating a sense of belonging.

Unfortunately, there is no magic trick for connecting a new team. Reflect on how you can best support your team to get to know each other, deeply understand the service philosophy and feel they belong.

When new team members start, are all staff made aware of who they are and what experience they bring? Do they have a locker? Have they been inducted and introduced to everyone?

Review your philosophy together and discuss what it looks like in practice. If something challenges your team, have a robust discussion to find out why.

Working with people’s strengths will also support a positive work environment. At my former service, we stuck each team member’s strengths on their locker. This helped us understand how to approach and communicate with each other.

Finally, ensure you check in with every staff member regularly to stay connected. Focus on building genuine relationships and creating a sense of belonging for all team members.

Narelle Lawton
Consultant, Community Child Care Association

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