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Young, school-aged children lining up behind one another

Question: Is it wrong to ask children to line up? Some educators say there’s no need for children to wait in line before meals, outdoor play or on excursions, while others feel it’s important for safety and school readiness…

Answer: It’s not wrong or right, but it’s also not necessary

I’ve observed many programs where children are left waiting in lines for other children to join them. Is this what’s…

A child's bare feet standing on the top of an adult's bare feet

Question: Should educators go shoe-free in our babies room?

Answer: Explore the idea with your team

This is a question that I often reflected on during my time as a centre director and – to be honest I never quite…

Newborn baby asleep in a cot with a caregiver's hand resting gently on the baby's torso

Question: How should we go about caring for babies whose parents request that they are left to cry in the cot without comfort (cry it out) or similar sleep training methods for sleep times?

Answer: Work in partnership with the family

Spend some time showing the family the sleep space and routine. You may need to explain the limitations of sleeping…

Woman working at a desk, holding her phone, her laptop is open, and working alongside her other team members

Question: How can we ensure our QIP is a living document, which allows all educators to regularly contribute and stay up to date with our overall goals?

Answer: Switch up your approach

Focus less on people working directly with the document and more on how they engage with the process.


Woman with eyes closed, contemplating her next move

Question: What can I do to support a very tired team? I’ve only just taken up the educational leader role and it’s going to be an uphill climb for everyone as morale is extremely low.

Answer: Focus on meaningful relationships

During these tricky times, support for your team is crucial, and the best way to do this is by building meaningful…

Angry, overwhelmed child sitting at a table, massaging his temples

Question: Help! The children in my 2–3s room don’t listen to me. How can I be firmer with them?

Answer: Promote a calmer environment and reflect on the needs behind children’s behaviour

We hear you! Whilst 2 to 3-year-olds are a delightful and exuberant age group, we can often feel like their…

School aged girl writing in a notebook

Question: What are the observation requirements in OSHC? My background is early childhood where daily observations are required. Just wondering if there are different requirements for MTOP?

Answer: There is no requirement for individual child observations at an OSHC service

Some OSHC services ask children to complete an ‘about me’ template which they can change throughout the year, or a…

Children playing outdoors

Question: Children in my room don’t want to play together because they are different genders. What can we do to encourage mixed-gender play?

Answer: Reflect on your own attitudes and thoughts around gender roles and inclusive play

How do you program for children of different genders? How do you speak with them about their parents, friends,…