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Young boy reaching hands out towards the camera, with a disruptive expression in classroom setting

Question: Parents are complaining about a few children with challenging behaviour. How can we encourage them to be inclusive of other families’ children?

Answer: Stay empathetic and respectful

Nothing is trickier than addressing a family’s concerns about another child’s behaviour in your program. It can be…

Woman sitting at a desk holding papers, interviewing another woman

Question: Coordinators, what qualities are you looking for when you’re hiring? How can I put my best foot forward?

Answer: Showcase your emotional intelligence

When I’m hiring educators I look for emotional intelligence – a balance of self-awareness, self-regulation,…

Joyful child with head titled to the sky with eyes closed

Question: How do I highlight children’s voices authentically in my documentation?

Answer: Talk with and observe the children

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do we listen to the children?
  2. How do we support…

Woman holding paperwork with a thoughtful expression

Question: What is the difference between critical reflection and reflective practice? Do you have to do both, or just one? Every day, every week?

Answer: Both are thinking skills to be used depending on the situation

Critical reflection means ‘closely examining all aspects of events and experiences from different perspectives’ (…

Muslim female mentoring her female colleague, pointing towards an open laptop

Question: I’m the educational leader, but am struggling to mentor and support our educators because they just see me as ‘checking up on them’ and get defensive.

Answer: Set yourself up for success by setting long term goals

The role of educational leader can be tricky. Being assigned the role is no guarantee that you’ll feel empowered,…

Young, school-aged children lining up behind one another

Question: Is it wrong to ask children to line up? Some educators say there’s no need for children to wait in line before meals, outdoor play or on excursions, while others feel it’s important for safety and school readiness…

Answer: It’s not wrong or right, but it’s also not necessary

I’ve observed many programs where children are left waiting in lines for other children to join them. Is this what’s…

A child's bare feet standing on the top of an adult's bare feet

Question: Should educators go shoe-free in our babies room?

Answer: Explore the idea with your team

This is a question that I often reflected on during my time as a centre director and – to be honest I never quite…

Newborn baby asleep in a cot with a caregiver's hand resting gently on the baby's torso

Question: How should we go about caring for babies whose parents request that they are left to cry in the cot without comfort (cry it out) or similar sleep training methods for sleep times?

Answer: Work in partnership with the family

Spend some time showing the family the sleep space and routine. You may need to explain the limitations of sleeping…