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Question: How can we ensure our QIP is a living document, which allows all educators to regularly contribute and stay up to date with our overall goals?

Answer: Switch up your approach

Focus less on people working directly with the document and more on how they engage with the process.


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Question: What can I do to support a very tired team? I’ve only just taken up the educational leader role and it’s going to be an uphill climb for everyone as morale is extremely low.

Answer: Focus on meaningful relationships

During these tricky times, support for your team is crucial, and the best way to do this is by building meaningful…

Angry, overwhelmed child sitting at a table, massaging his temples

Question: Help! The children in my 2–3s room don’t listen to me. How can I be firmer with them?

Answer: Promote a calmer environment and reflect on the needs behind children’s behaviour

We hear you! Whilst 2 to 3-year-olds are a delightful and exuberant age group, we can often feel like their…

Cute little child drinking milk

Question: Are progressive meal times a good idea? How do we know if it’s right for our service?

Answer: Start small to see if it works for you

Whatever your service type, progressive meals are a wonderful way for children to have more choice and freedom in…

Teacher and children at meal time

Question: At mealtimes, a lot of children are refusing to eat the main meal, so educators are requesting sandwiches be prepared for them instead. How can we create a menu where all children are at least eating some of the main meals?

Answer: There are a few strategies you could try

  1. Offer a variety of foods. If you are having chicken and vegetables for lunch, ensure the vegetables are not…

Is it wrong for educators to use the word ‘kids’?

Question: Is it wrong for educators to use the word ‘kids’?

Answer: Choose professional language to foster a culture of respect

Children use the word ‘kids’ when they talk about ‘other kids’, and adults use it when talking about ‘their kids’,…

Child inside a tepee

Question: Is it ok to use tepees, or is this cultural appropriation?

Answer: It depends

Like every other decision we make in early childhood education and care, choosing whether it is right to use a tepee…

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Question: Should children wear high-vis vests on excursions?

Answer: It depends on your ‘why’

Many educators feel more comfortable using high-vis on excursions, and that’s okay. But when it comes to child…