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School aged child writing in a notebook

Question: What are the observation requirements in OSHC? My background is early childhood where daily observations are required. Just wondering if there are different requirements for MTOP?

Answer: There is no requirement for individual child observations at an OSHC service.

Some OSHC services ask children to complete an ‘about me’ template which they can change throughout the year, or a…

Young child concentrating on painting with poster paint

Question: How often should we document children’s learning? How much is an acceptable amount?

Answer: Adjust your mindset. Quality is best

When it comes to documentation, there is no minimum number of observations. And, there’s no one ‘right way’ to…

Woman holding up mobile device, capturing image of child sitting at table with paper and crayons

Question: Is it wrong for educators to have their mobile phones with them while educating and caring for children?

Answer: It all depends on the ‘why’

We live in a world where technology rules, and we’re used to relying on it 24/7, especially phones. Most people will…

Two women from a non-English speaking background, engaged in conversation

Question: Is it wrong for two educators to speak their own language to each other in the room?

Answer: No

Let’s take a moment to reflect. If a child speaks their native language with another educator or child, do you stop…

Young boy reaching hands out towards the camera, with a disruptive expression in classroom setting

Question: Parents are complaining about a few children with challenging behaviour. How can we encourage them to be inclusive of other families’ children?

Answer: Stay empathetic and respectful

Nothing is trickier than addressing a family’s concerns about another child’s behaviour in your program. It can be…

Woman sitting at a desk holding papers, interviewing another woman

Question: Coordinators, what qualities are you looking for when you’re hiring? How can I put my best foot forward?

Answer: Showcase your emotional intelligence

When I’m hiring educators I look for emotional intelligence – a balance of self-awareness, self-regulation,…

Joyful child with head titled to the sky with eyes closed

Question: How do I highlight children’s voices authentically in my documentation?

Answer: Talk with and observe the children

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do we listen to the children?
  2. How do we support…

Woman holding paperwork with a thoughtful expression

Question: What is the difference between critical reflection and reflective practice? Do you have to do both, or just one? Every day, every week?

Answer: Both are thinking skills to be used depending on the situation

Critical reflection means ‘closely examining all aspects of events and experiences from different perspectives’ (…