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An educational leader sharing instructions with an educator

Question: How do educational leaders fulfil our weekly and monthly duties while we are having to spend so much time working with children?

Answer: Allocating set non-contact time is crucial for educational leaders.

It’s so important for educational leaders to have set non-contact time, agreed upon by you and your management team…

Child sitting with elbows on the table and head in hands with a discouraged expression

Question: Is it wrong to use time-outs? What can we do instead?

Answer: Try a time-in.

Time-outs are a behaviour management technique where a child is removed from play for a period of time. The…

Educator working at a desk with a hot drink and a laptop

Question: In a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), what’s the difference between a strength and an exceeding theme?

Answer: A strength shows you have met the standard, while an exceeding theme shows you have gone above and beyond.

If you’re using the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) QIP template, there are…

School age children playimg a game outside

Question: Children in my room don’t want to play together because they are different genders. What can we do to encourage mixed-gender play?

Answer: Reflect on your own attitudes and thoughts around gender roles and inclusive play.

How do you program for children of different genders? How do you speak with them about their parents, friends,…

School aged child writing in a notebook

Question: What are the observation requirements in OSHC? My background is early childhood where daily observations are required. Just wondering if there are different requirements for MTOP?

Answer: There is no requirement for individual child observations at an OSHC service.

Some OSHC services ask children to complete an ‘about me’ template which they can change throughout the year, or a…

Young child concentrating on painting with poster paint

Question: How often should we document children’s learning? How much is an acceptable amount?

Answer: Adjust your mindset. Quality is best

When it comes to documentation, there is no minimum number of observations. And, there’s no one ‘right way’ to…

Woman holding up mobile device, capturing image of child sitting at table with paper and crayons

Question: Is it wrong for educators to have their mobile phones with them while educating and caring for children?

Answer: It all depends on the ‘why’

We live in a world where technology rules, and we’re used to relying on it 24/7, especially phones. Most people will…

Two women from a non-English speaking background, engaged in conversation

Question: Is it wrong for two educators to speak their own language to each other in the room?

Answer: No

Let’s take a moment to reflect. If a child speaks their native language with another educator or child, do you stop…